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- About me -

Hi, my name is Toby; Tobe, or Tube to my friends.  I was born in North Wales in 1979 and went to University in Liverpool and Sheffield.  Both cities are as special to me as the mountains, forest and rivers of home.  I have spent time working in Greece and France and have been lucky enough to travel to many far-flung destinations; including Malaysia, Japan, New Zealand and California.  I currently live and work out of Sheffield.  I love it here but still like to experience new places, people and cultures.

I am fortunate to have the most amazing network of family and friends I could possibly wish for and firmly believe that sharing experiences with people you care about makes them a hundred times better. 

I hope to feature some extracts from my forthcoming novel and screenplay here, as well as some of my short stories.  I am in the middle of a number of      
      exciting photography projects and have had my writing and photography work 
                         featured in a number of publications; including Sync City Magazine, 
                                  Shooters Photography Magazine,  Creative Talent 
                                    Fashion Magazine,  Canada's Totem East Magazine and the 
                                  Sheffield Star newspaper. 

                                      I have worked in places as diverse as Westminster and                                                              the Nevada desert and enjoy organizing or helping to
                                        cover charity events that bring people together
                                                      for good times and good causes.

                                                        If you like my writing,
                                                 photography or events work then
                                                 simply get in touch if you would like t
                                                 to get involved in any way, or have 
                                                 me do something for you. 
                                                    Best wishes, Toby.

Playing in the 2012 TubEd Trophy match and (right) being stupid in Dubrovnik and relaxing after a shoot in London (below) 

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