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A Day Out in Sheffield for Under a Tenner

Posted by toby_newton on May 9, 2013 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Street Art tour

This month I was asked to write about what I would choose to do in Sheffield for the day for under a tenner. Easy I thought; if you are new to the city then a fun thing to do is spend a day with your camera phone, checking out and documenting the amazing street art this city now has to offer. Berlin gets much kudos for its political angst and graffiti ridden streets and buildings but this year I have been comparing the artwork here to what is on show in not only rebellious Berlin, but Amsterdam and London too. In my humble opinion, and thanks to the likes of Phlegm and Malawai hero, Kid Acne, I think we are right up there! The latter, I believe, was also responsible for the 'South Yorks' T-shirt design in homage to the famous Sonic Youth artwork.

Simply take your tenner and your phone or camera out on a nice clear day and mooch about the city taking in the works of art adorning buildings and walls on streets like Matilda, Scotland, Eyre, Charles, Sylvester, Furnival Gate, Rockingham Way, Cemetery Road, and London Road to name but a few. Then compare your pictures or the ones I took earlier with those from across London and Europe I have been capturing and see how you think Sheffield compares.

Oh, and if you really want to spend that tenner on anything other than printing-off some of your favourite shots at then why not stop for a pint at the Riverside where a giant ship and sea monster can be seen just above the waterline and stop in for a coffee at Tamper (reviewed last month by Miss Kallai), after admiring possibly my current favourite piece of art next to Bang Bang on Westfield Terrace. Also see if you can find the giant mural of Charles Darwin while conducting your urban tour.

Phlegm, Kid Acne and company,...if you are out there...please, please could you do the wall of my house as you are truly inspirational, ubercool artists and I really hope I am not messing with your street cred by shouting about it!

If anyone knows of any great art or locations I haven't mentioned then drop me a mail at [email protected] or send me your own pics!


Toby Newton for Sync City Magazine



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