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Django Unchained Film Review

Posted by toby_newton on May 9, 2013 at 5:05 PM


Django Unchained


Tarantino's latest offering is set in the southern US, before the Civil War, and the movie is essentially about a slave becoming a 'kick-ass cowboy' and riding out for revenge. Well, he actually sets out to rescue and be reunited with his wife, but it's hardly a spoiler to say there's going to be some revenge involved...come on, this is Tarantino. For whatever reason, he seems slightly obsessed with the subject that was the driver behind the 'Kill Bill' saga. This is as good as those films!


Here, he certainly pulls no punches in reminding current generations just how abhorrent even the very concept of the slave trade was. This may be an overtly stylized representation, simply punctuated with plenty of humorous scenes so as not to allow the audience to become overwhelmed by the violence on show, but I'm sure most movie goers will still feel anger that humanity allowed slavery to persist for so long while watching the tale unfold. Some people may argue that this is a director who simply glorifies violence and has cashed in on being controversial and liberal with historic accuracy but whilst he is no doubt primarily motivated by a desire to entertain, shock and show us his style, I think to say his work cannot inspire and provoke us to explore our feelings about the background subject matter would be somewhat blinkered. I guess he might argue it depends who's watching. One thing is for sure, this movie can leave adult audiences exiting the theatre feeling that twelve-feet tall sense of triumph over adversity after living through a character stripped of everything and watching him rise up and fight for it back. That doesn't mean they are all going to don a cowboy hat and head off to shoot their bank managers!


Back to the movie itself and the lead character, Django, is a slave whose experienced brutality at the hands of his former owners but his given his shot at revenge after meeting a German-born bounty played by Christopher Waltz. Waltz is, in my humble opinion, brilliant and hilarious in this and you cannot help but root for pair as they set out on their mission. Django himself is played by Jamie Foxx and, apologies to Brit, Idris Elba who was interested in the role, Foxx is perfect for the part. needless to say, the sound track and the style oozing from this movie makes it a very cool 180 minutes. One very slight complaint is that the typical, exaggerated and crazy Tarantino ending is perhaps a little too drawn out and just feels a little bit like 'From Dusk Till Dawn'. All in all though, I will pick this one up when it is out on DVD and enjoy watching it again - but go see it on the big screen, quick!

By Toby Newton - 2013



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